Efficiency – Efficiency and renewables, keys to mitigating the increase in energy costs

Before responding to this situation, Edison Next guarantees important economic and energy savings to companies through the use of systems and technologies of the last generation. Gracias a la puesta en marcha de un investment plan de 300 million de euros, está offering effective alternatives and real solutions to quickly react to the new energy scenario.

Before that, Edison Next it has solutions that adapt to each business, building or city: management in Spain of more than 1,000 buildings with technology based on the Internet of Things (IoT); ayuda a más de 40 ciudades como Bilbao, Málaga o Lleida to reduce their energy consumption and reach their ecological transition thanks to the implantation and maintenance of more 460,000 light points with LED technology de bajo consumo y sensores de presencia para la optimization del alumbrado; y acompaña a más de 30 grandes industrias para optimizar su consumo y minimizar su huella de carbono a través de soluciones de autoconsumo photovoltaicobiomass or hydrogen, among other technologies.

Una solución para cada caso
It is worth mentioning the commissioning and management of 3.3 MWp in a photovoltaic autoconsumer project by Grupo Pascual; of the installation of 5.7 MWp in the roofs of the company Plastic Omnium; the improvement of energy efficiency, the reduction of energy consumption and the optimization of production in companies such as Central Lechera Asturiana, Iveco or Seat; or efficient management through a digital platform (BMS) based on IoT technology, which allows analyzing different building parameters such as energy consumption, demand zones, temperatures or exterior air quality before achieving a global building efficiency. Different buildings of large corporations like BBVA or Ferrovial count with these solutions for management of parks of buildings. Toda una serie de proyectos que han avoided, además, the emission of 42,000 tons of CO2 in our environment.

Likewise, Edison Next Spain has innovative service models such as the PPA (long-term energy purchase contract), which reduces investment risks for technical problems and generates economic and energy savings from the first day, accompanying its clients, especially now in the actual context that we live.

¿Los objetivos de sustainability marcados son realistas?
Organizations and entities from all over the world advanced constantly before addressing solutions that allow fighting against the climate emergency. Before that, it is essential to put the focus on initiatives that contribute in an adequate way to reach the objectives of sustainability identified in diverse national and international agreements.

Among them, the objectives of the Green Deal, which establish 2030 as the key year to achieve a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions in Europe, thus becoming the first climate-neutral continent with the use of renewable resources and the progressive abandonment of combustibles fossils. Sin embargo, the achievement of these objectives will require a significant contribution from companies and public administrations.

At this point, Edison Next Spain stands out in the market thanks to its unique platform of services, technologies and solutions. Por eso, su intention es la de desempeñar un papel protagonista en la transición ecológica y asesorar a empresas y entitas en su camino hacia la sustainability. Siempre teniendo en cuenta también el ahorro de costes en sus operaciones.

More than 20 years of experience in Spain guarantee this company, which has a highly qualified team formed by more than 800 employees and energy solutions for the business, public and tertiary sectors in all the national territory, which cover the entire value chain de los proyectos con una oferta multiproducto, integrado, flexible, diversificada e impulsada por innovaciones, tecnologia propias y la digitalización de los procesos.

Ahorrar energía y recursos es posible
From energy and environmental consultancy solutions, such as carbon footprint analysis and incentives and self-production of energy, such as photovoltaics and trigeneration; pasando por la recalificación y uso efficient de todos los sistemas de energía en industria y edificios, la producción y uso de hydrogen, biomassa y biometano, hasta llegar a la mobilidad sostenible, las ciudades inteligentes y la regeneration urbana. Without forgetting the circular economy, with the management and use of industrial residues, remediation and water treatment.

Energetic efficiency and the use of renewable energies, cleanest and sustainable solutions, are the key to addressing the current environmental emergency. But that, the experience, the equipment and the portfolio of services of Edison Next Spain are necessary before giving the answer in the most secure and innovative way at a moment in which the advantage of the energy sources has turned into a condition of permanence in the mercado para millionos de negocios, public and private companies, entities and administrations of all the world.

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