Lanzada la Estrategia Nacional de Servicios en la Nube de las Administraciones Públicas

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced it today in the framework of the business meeting “La innovation in the cloud as an opportunity for Spain”, organized by Amazon Web Services.

This strategy aims to prioritize the provision of services based on technologies in the cloud for public administrations, using their own resources and complementing them with solutions from the private sector. Se trata de una initiative que establece sinergias para redundar en una mejor presenta de los servicios, una mayor soberanía tecnologia.

The president has singled out data sovereignty as a key concept, related to technological autonomy, data protection and cyber security, areas in which the city strategy will be deepened. Según ha anticipado el presidente del Gobierno, la Estrategia se desplegará a partir de three vectores.

  • The adoption of a “hybrid cloud” infrastructure, composed of a cloud owned by the General State Administration, combined with other public administrations and external providers.
  • The consolidation of the Data Processing Centers of the General Administration of the State into a smaller number of centers with better performance, reducing operating costs (economic and environmental) and maximizing the agility of TIC operations and enhancing participation in initiatives in the framework of the European Union.
  • Catalog of growing services, with the incorporation of applications that respond to the common needs of public administrations with software solutions as a service (SaaS).

In addition, in line with the European Data Strategy, they will launch large “data lakes”, secure data common spaces, which will help boost business innovation in the main strategic productive sectors, such as health, tourism , industrial or commercial.

Pedro Sánchez highlighted during his announcement the need to accompany, from the public, the efforts of the private sector in the framework of digitalization, given the magnitude that has reached data management in our country. Y ha remarcado la vocación inclusiva, cohesionadora a territorial nivel y de defensa de los derechos digitales y el humanismo tecnológico que abandera España.

El presidente ha señalado que, al observar la nube con todo su potential, se comprende que es mucho más que un concepto installed en una dimensión virtual, ya que tiene un anclaje tangible y material y es valiro porque tiene un impacto transversal y multisectorial.

The announcement of the launch of this Strategy of Services in the cloud of the Public Administration addresses the need to change the paradigm in the presentation of public services in a way that contemplates greater flexibility, agility and adaptability, as society demands . También la necessidad de acometer impulsaciones por el valor de los datos, la Valor de los datos, la Inligencia Artificial, el Internet de las cosas (Internet of Things) o las nuevas redes de communications 5G/6G, tal como se standa en la declaration “Towards a new generation Cloud for Europe”, which the 27 Estados miembros de la UE signed on October 15, 2020.

Avanzando hacia una public administration digital

The use of cloud services allows public administrations to provide digital services and secure, efficient, and reliable technological infrastructures while requiring particular attention to the safeguarding of the necessary guarantees for the country’s strategic autonomy, security y el control sobre los datos.

In fact, the application of this model in the cloud project to the services of digital administration has contributed to the outstanding positioning of Spain in the whole of Europe, given that they allow you to count on tools to provide homogenous services of equal quality, regardless of size de la organización, sus resources o su localización geográfica.

The Digitalization Plan of Public Administrations, the key to achieving an intelligent administration that approaches the citizen in every process, is one of the main points of the digital transformation roadmap followed by the government of Spain: the Digital Spain Agenda 2026 .

Impulsed by the European Next Generation funds, the investment in this area has multiplied since 2019, with an endowment of 3,165 million euros in the next three years, of which at least 970 million will be allocated to autonomous communities and corporations local.

This bet by the country already has positive results: in the last report DESI 2022 (Índice de Desarrollo Social y Económico, publicado por la Comisión Europea), Spain occupies the seventh place in digitalization and the fifth place in the matter of digital public services, but delante del resto de grandes economías europeas.

Spain is a pioneering country in the integration of AI in the administration, as demonstrated by the Digital Kit and Mi Carpeta Ciudadana programs, and occupies the second position of the European Union in public sector open data.


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